On this page, there are some assorted photos of Marble Hill taken before the fire.

Click on the hyperlink below to see more photos of Marble Hill on the State Libraries website.


 -  Marble Hill from the driveway  -

-  Marble Hill from the hill below the formal garden  -

 -  The tennis court at Marble Hill  -

 -  Marble Hill from the Formal Garden  -

 -  Marble Hill from road leading to stables  -

- The Formal Garden from the Tower -

 -  An aerial photo of Marble Hill 1930's  -
 -  Looking towards the driveway from the Balcony, Note the roses on the left and the fallen gumtrees on the right  -

- The Garages, previously the Stables -

- A view of Marble Hill from the driveway, 1930's -

- The bay window at the Front of the House -

 Permission to use multiple photos on this website was granted by the State Library of South Australia on the 24th July, 2008. Photographs may be used for research or study only. If you wish to publish them you must request permission first. Visit


to do so.

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